Sabino Canyon tours offers a narrated, educational 45-minute, 3.8 mile tour into the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The trams have nine stops along the tour with several restroom facilities and picnic grounds located near Sabino Creek. The tram turns around at Stop #9 and heads back down to the Visitor’s Center, at which point riders may remain on board and hike back down. Trams arrive on average every 30 minutes.

A variety of trails are available along the way for hiking that range from easy to challenging. The main road, one of two routes on which Sabino Canyon Tours operates its Sabino Canyon tram route, is mostly flat and paved. It can be easily navigated by visitors of all ages. The main road ascends from 2,800 to 3,300 feet and crosses Sabino Creek over 9 stone bridges. It is a favorite route for both hikers and bicyclists.

Blackett’s Ridge Trail

This trail has several steep switch-backs while hiking up but levels out more toward the top, which provides some breathtaking views. Get off at tram stop #2 or Bear Canyon Shuttle.

Telephone Line Trail

This hike overlooks Sabino Creek. The panorama of Cottonwoods lining the creek bed below is beautiful during the fall when the leaves change to harvest gold. Get off at tram stop #9 and walk down to stop #1.

Hutch’s Pools

This location is popular when the Creek contains water. The hike is best taken by intermediate or advanced hikers, as it takes a good six to eight hours to complete. Take the tram up to Stop #9.